A Special Lab Week

We are currently in the middle of Lab Week 2020.  Medical Laboratory Professionals Week is an annual week-long celebration of the professionals who work in our nation’s laboratories.  In normal years, we come together for social events, meals, games and contests, etc.  This is not a normal year.

While our celebration this week is mostly virtual, our gratitude is not.  We are so blessed to work with some of the finest professionals a hospital, city, state, and country could hope for.  When the news reports the daily tally of new COVID cases, please take a moment to remember that behind each of those tests is a huge team dedicated to ensuring the quality and accuracy of that result.  And not just COVID results – our laboratories do millions of other tests every year.

Our colleagues work behind the scenes, but as we like to say about the medical profession:  “Without the laboratory, you’re only guessing.”

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