New Testing in Microbiology

Helping you Understand and Interpret New Tests

Over the last decade molecular modalities have become more user friendly and have allowed local laboratories to provide more sensitive, accurate and faster results. Recently, the microbiology lab at Piedmont Atlanta has started offering several of these tests including: C. difficile and influenza virus assays with many more tests on the horizon (MRSA and Group B strep). Different testing methods may utilize different collection methods and provide different results. As always, the pathologist and microbiology staff at Piedmont are here to help our medical staff throughout the Piedmont system understand these new tests and how they should be interpreted in the context of your patients’ clinical presentation. If you have question about this new technology, or any other concerns/questions please contact us.

– Jeremiah R. Watkins, M.D., Microbiology Consulting Pathologist at PAH

Pathology office at Piedmont Atlanta: 404-605-3247

Microbiology at Atlanta can be reached via the lab: 404-605-3300

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