Massive transfusion protocol (MTP) vs Emergency release of Blood

Both massive transfusion protocol (MTP) and Emergency Release are orders for the blood bank to release blood immediately.

  • A type/screen or type/cross is not needed to release blood products.
  • A type/cross specimen should be sent ASAP so that type specific products can be dispensed.
Massive transfusion protocol (MTP)  

Emergency Release


Call the blood bank to let them know MTP has been activated. Call the blood bank to let them know you need emergency released uncrossmatched blood products.
Products to be released areFIXED. You will get two O neg units of RBCs immediately.
You CANNOT customize order or change it. Products can be CUSTOMIZED, so you need to specify which products you want and how much.
Red cells, FFP, platelets or cryo are typically released in a 1:1:1 ratio, every 30 minutes.  
Call the blood bank to de-activate MTP so that products are not wasted.

– Tamela M. Snyder, M.D., Blood Bank Consulting Pathologist at PAH

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